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In Sydney and Parramatta, people usually prefer hiring an experienced and reputed company for flood study as they can carry out the task effectively and efficiently. Global Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd is one of the most recognised and appreciated service providers.

Implementing a system that can prevent your land from flooding is a difficult task but we have the bunch of plans and designs that will suit your requirements. Some of the services offered by the Global Consulting flood engineers are to understand the effects of flooding and educate you about how to face the difficult situations.

Our flood engineers have extensive knowledge about flooding and have numerous experiences in preparing a flood study report. We can determine the flood levels and prepare strategies. Our flood engineers are always at your help; therefore, give us a call for hiring our support. For strategic management of flood in Sydney and Parramatta, you must get in touch with the experts for receiving a report. Flood risk management report includes the programmers for effective management. Feel free to enquire!


  • overland flow study report
  • flood study report
  • detailed flood modelling and analysis
  • flood risk management report
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